About Us

About Thorcoin

Thorcoin, a revolutionary hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin. With Thorcoin you are able to receive and send Thorcoin all around the world and back, to all of your peers including businesses, friends, and family. Thorcoin is a Scrypt Jane Hybrid which only can be mined using CPU’s and GPU’s. Feel safe with ASIC resistant Scrypt Jane.

The millions of dollars spent on developing ASIC mining are made so CPUs and GPUs are no longer efficient for mining. The result of this was large datacenters with ASICs mining Bitcoin and made CPUs and GPUs unusable for mining, so many went to mine Litecoin, now litecoin has ASICs of its own. A new revolutionary currency will change this, Thorcoin. Why? Thorcoin’s ASIC Resistance.

Scrypt-Jane uses an N-Factor (N, 1, 1), that number determines the amount of memory required to solve a share. This N-Factor number will increase over time, usually at regular intervals in the blockchain. As the N-Factor number increases, the mining efficiency will become lower, as the amount of memory needed for each share is increased. The current N-Factor can be shown by typing getmininginfo into the console. This also displays the current amount of memory needed.

Sha256, Sha512, Blake256, Blake512, Skein512, Keccak256 and Keccak512 are hashing functions of Scrypt-Jane. Unlike Scrypt which uses Sha256, Scypt Jane offers serveral fast and secure alternate hashing functions.

Total coins: 15 Billion
Premine: 1.5%
Block time target: 1 minute
Block reward: 200,000, halving every three weeks down to a minimum of 500 per block.
Difficulty retarget: Every 30 Minutes
First 1000 blocks are random 10,000-200,000 to help everyone load their clients.
NFactor start 4 max 30
Mined block confirmation: 40
Transaction confirmation: 5
Port: 29950
Rpc port: 29951